Tech Policy and Ethics

As a millenial fascinated by technology innovations and the shifts in social norms and individuals' interactions with new media, I have a growing concern regarding the ethical implications of reactionary -- rather than proactive -- nature of current technology policy. I am a firm supporter that a cross-disciplinary approach involving conversations between technology innovators, researchers, and policy makers is imperative to the safety, wellbeing, and justice in a world that is extending its digital horizons.

Causes of Interest: I worked on a variety of research papers and course projects to investigate the dynamics of tech policy.

Please reach out if you have any questions regarding my works.

Identifying the definition of public and private goods in the digital world

I am currently gathering research to support my semester paper for my Ethics in Technology, New Media, and Communication course.


Establishing a new standard of duties and responsibilities of technology companies

I wrote a research paper providing support for the argument to reevaluate technology companies as information fiduciaries.

Addressing issues regarding the growing knowledge gap between technology companies and general user -- the growing number of uninformed users

I explored users' awareness of algorithmically curated content and satisfaction level of personalized content for a New Media and Society Course research paper and project.


Privacy and Encryption Policy & Counterterrorism Initiatives

I wrote argumentative analysis regarding the controversy of the dynamics of encryption law and the federal government's counterterrorism initiatives. I also gave a presentation on this topic for my oral communication course.

The Facebook Manifesto

With an interest in the evolving roles of tech companies, I examined Facebook's actions shortly after Zuckerberg shared the Facebook Manifesto regarding the company's role in the global community. I wrote a journalistic style piece, which can be found in the link below.