Sculpture Concentration

I created a series of sculptures using a variety of mediums ranging from ceramics, paper, Advil pills, and old junk. Each of the sculptures depict mundane objects with twist. This series of sculptures was built to convey a comical and interesting relationship between common objects and the human body, as we tend to disregard and under appreciate the functionality and the value they have on our every-day lives. The last photo in the slideshow depicts all the works as an installation on “your desk,” which establishes a deeper connection between the viewer and these works.

Hope you enjoy a great laugh from the titles!


Room Installations

I built my installations on various constraints including a college student budget and user of physical space. All installations were designed with consideration of temporality, as I had to take down the installation without damaging university housing or renting company property. Most of works gravitate around inspirational and thought provoking themes, as I created these installations not only as an aesthetically appealing addition to my room but also as a motivational reminder.

  • The first installation is an  homage to the Empire State Building, which was built during an economically difficult time in American history yet remains an iconic symbol of hope to the American people. What's unique about the Empire State Building is that every individual involved in the building process prides a sense of collective ownership in building magnificent 20th century structure. I built this piece during my first semester at Cornell University when I was adjusting to Ithaca's cold weather and finding my place in Cornell's large community as a reminder to stand strong and proud of my accomplishments and goals. The photos and cards scattered on the wall were arranged to mimic city lights and fond memories.

  • The second installation is a wall collage of memorabilia including a card from my little brother, materials from Chelsea Galleries, tickets, photos, etc. The materials were arranged sporadically above my bed as an allusion to dreaming and creating ideas.

  • The third installation was created as a surprise in my friend's apartment living room, as my friend was feeling home sick and missed being in New York City.  I created the installation using painter's tape, construction paper, and pipe cleaners to. 


Modular Sculptures

I explored the use of prints, textures, color tones, and negative space by building these pieces. 

  • Earthy Bowl: Inspired by natural tones and the sharp contrast between organic/natural shapes and crisp modular shapes in contemporary designs and structures

  • Monochrome Structure: Inspired by the "Fantasy Impossible" Home, the rise of modern architecture, and minimalism design principles

  • Yang: Inspired by the concept of balance, the yin yang symbol and fluid cyclical movements


Style Explorations - Abstract, Surreal, Realism

  • Seashell Ear Shell: Explores surrealism. Upon a closer look a human profile and ear can be seen in the realistic depiction of the conch shell.
  • Life-Size Bust Study: Explores realism.  The bust was created based on real-life human proportions.
  • Mary & Jesus - Relief Sculpture: Explores relief sculpture through European sculptural styles.

Sketchbook Snippets:

Includes finished sketches, works in progress, free writing, brain storming, and sculpture planning


Current Work-in Progress:

Exploring Abstract Expressionism & Post Impressionism Techniques