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I am currently a student at Cornell University majoring in communication focused in technology  and double-minoring in business and information science. The university's program has pushed me to thinking critically about technology trends, policies, and challenges as well as to build upon my ability to conduct in-depth data analysis , qualitative and quantitative research skills, and understanding of user-centered design. By tailoring my education and engaging in a diversity of  experiences ranging from a marketing strategy internship and virtual reality research, I have been able to develop a strong business acumen, ability to solve complex  problems supported by research and analysis, a solid foundation on UX/UI design principles, and an exceptional ability to think strategically -- particularly in terms of technology strategy.

Fascinated with the rapidly evolving dynamics of the digital age (i.e. the rise of big-data, SNS growth, technology policies, user-centered design, technology-driven business strategies), I consistently strive to immerse myself in challenging and enriching experiences. Currently, I am a research assistant in the Virtual Embodiment Lab, where I am gaining exposure to ground-breaking research on how virtual reality impacts people's perceptions and to virtual reality technologies including High Fidelity, Unity, 3DS Max, and Oculus.  Additionally, as the team leader for a computer mediated communication course research project, I am demonstrating my project management skills and exploring how user interface design impacts inter-users trust and interactions. 

As the IoT continues to expand, making design decisions based on a user-centered approach supported by research has become indisputably imperative. Through CUAppDev's Design Trainee Program, I built a fundamental understanding of UX/UI design by creating several prototypes of FoodSavior, my proposed iOS application targeting the issue of food waste, through the digital product design process. Additionally, courses in Communication and Technology (CAT) and information science curriculums, such as Communication & Technology (CAT) and  New Media & Society, have taught me how communication principles impact design choices, how individuals interact with technologies, technology trends, and controversial issues due to emerging technologies.

I am a builder at heart. As I have built my academic interests centered around business and technology, I truly enjoy experiences centered around the act of building or making. Whether it is through building a research project or a policy paper idea, building leaders through FBLA-PBL's professional development programing, or building IKEA furniture for my room, all the difficulties and facets of the building process never fail to fascinate me. As much as I love to various kinds of art, building 3D and interactive art (sculptures and installations) is by far my favorite. Sculpture and Installation building is unique, as the process involves constant exposure to challenges throughout the building process (i.e. building against gravity, the drying stages of ceramic clay, how to prevent damaging the wall). In my free time, I also enjoy escapades into the city, lurking throughout museums and galleries, and discovering delicious foods -- all experiences that inspire me and maintain my excitement for what the world has to offer.

I strive to immerse myself in unique experiences, as I build myself and my communities to make the best impact on the global community


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