Human Computer Interaction Design

SPEAKeasy homescreen
Home Screen

Goal: Design a solution to support students who have friends with a mental health concerns.

Solution: The application’s community is built upon a location-based, anonymous, peer-to-peer, network that enables students to talk to and seek support from one another regarding their friends. SPEAKeasy empowers students by providing a community and a safe space to talk about mental health.

Process: Our team applied human-centered design techniques to design and test an interactive prototype. Throughout the product design process, we created several iterations based on insights from our personas, user interviews, heuristic evaluations, and user testsing sessions.

Product design case study for CUAppDev Design Trainee Program

Goal: Design a solution for college students and people living independently for the first time to limit food waste and save money on groceries.

Process/Techniques: Define problem, user interviews, market research, idea exploration, storyboarding, affinity diagram, medium/high fidelity iterations

Web Design & Programming

Technology & Product Strategy

PwC Data Analytics Case Competition 2015 - 1st Place at Temple University

PwC Case Slide Deck

Deloitte Case Competition 2016

Deloitte Case Slide Deck